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Billings, MT, us
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I'm Raddel, or at least I will be in a year. I'm fifteen. I've had and still continue to have a pretty shitty life as most other people in the world. I've always thought of suicide as an escape but I realize that my Best Friend Jade would miss me to much, and probably commit suicide shortly after my demise. And I just can't bring myself to be responsable for the death of another. I also have been told I am very much like a vampyre as I hate the sun and prefer blood over water. But please don't let my vampyric tendencies and strange thoughts scare you. I am a very generous person with a lot of love to give. I'm also a little crazy, but isn't everyone!? Oh yeah I've been in love with Jason since I was 7 and pretty much have seen everything he's been in. I love his acting and british accent ( from Putny, England) My favorite movie is Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. I also am a script writer myself and plan to go to college to become a Director. I wrote a great script called A Vampyres History: The deceit of War that I only hope I can one day cast Jason as the lead, a Russian by the name of Dimitrius Sokalove. Anyway, I may only be 15 but I love Jason and hope he will consider leading in my movie for the future. My favorites: Song: for now it's Knife Party by Deftones.....but my altime favorite is Closer by Nine Inch Nails. Food: would have to be the Russian dish stroganoph.....(hopefully I spelled that right) Band: I can't just chose one so I have a tops list... since it's to long for this I'll just put my top five: Orgy, Disturbed, Nine Inch Nails, GodSmack, and My Chemical Romance. Movie: as I said befor to long of a list and I can't even narrow down a top five list so I'll just say my favorite "Comedy" flick is Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Color: I love red, silver and black One very important thing you need to know about my style of life is I AM NOT EMO!!! And I hate it when people call me that...! I am and will always be a true rocker chick....( since I was 2).Feel free to message me at [email protected], Raddel Syn on myspace and tagged, or [email protected] Thx!:(
Favorite Music:
"Knife Prty" My knife it's sharp and chrome Come see inside my bones All of the fiends are on the block I'm the new king I taste the queen In here we are all anemic In here anemic and sweet So go get your knife And come in So go get your knife And lay down So go get your knife now kiss me I can float here forever In this room we can't touch The floor in here We're all anemic In here anemic and sweet so http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWFv5ZoVET8

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